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Roof Leaks: Diagnosis and Repair

At South Bay Roofers approach Roof Repair in four steps: Diagnosis, Inspection, Repair, and Prevention. 

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Diagnosing the Source

Leaks can happen in open areas of the roof, gaps in the shingles, surrounding vents, or around chimneys.  Leaks in open areas are the most difficult to identify, but fortunately are also the rarest. These leaks occur through the shingle and usually occur on a roof that has exceeded its expected lifespan.  

Leaks in open areas can occur anywhere on the roof surface so it is important to trace the flow of water up the roof rafters (or down from wicking up) to find the source.  Leaks around ventilation points and chimneys are usually caused by a gap in the flashing or a sealant that has eroded, washed away, or shrunk. Sometimes this can occur overtime as adhesive break down or the house settles which slightly shifts the clearance of vents or chimneys.

Inspect for Water Damage

Unless a leak is discovered right away there will often be a need for repairs to materials outside of the leak-point .  We will perform a thorough inspection for mold, damage to shingles, warped beams and rafters, wet or damaged drywall and insulation.  If we detect water damage from the leak, we will repair all damaged construction materials and remove any mold from caused from the increased moisture.

Perform the Repair

At South Bay Roofers we will provide a lasting fix to your leaking roof.  If we have to replace the shingles, we will find the closest match on the market to the style and color of your current shingles.  Our goal is to leave your house looking as if your roof never had a problem to begin with.

Identify the Cause

South Bay Roofers pride ourselves on doing the job right the first time.  We want our repair to last so we investigate the cause of the leak. We will inspect the pitch of the roof to ensure that there is no standing water on the roof.  If the leak was caused due to damage from a nearby tree, we will cut any branches that may cause additional problems. Sometimes the roof has outlived its useful life and it may be time for either a new roof or a new shingles.

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