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Roofing company in Redondo Beach Ca. we’re here to repair, maintain or build the roof on your house, business and your apartment complex

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Redondo Beach Residential Roofers

South Bay roofers can help with your a new roof for new home construction.  We offer removal, repair, and maintenance of your  roof.  Our trained staff inspects for water damage and chimney flashing repairs, reroute downspouts and gutters to improve the longevity of your home and roof.

Redondo Beach Commercial Roofers

South Bay Roofers offer the expertise to keep flat-roofs leak free for years by offering a number of water-proofing coatings, HVAC condensation management, within your budget.  We have proven experience with asphalt and gravel roofs as well as solar panel installation.  

Expertise in all roofing styles for your Redondo Beach home

Whether its a beautiful South Redondo house overlooking with oceans views or a fix-and-flip that you want off the market; we can complete the job quickly and within your budget.  

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